basket of vegetablesOur ancestors may have thought they had their diets all figured out, but did they? They’re thought of as only primitive people who ate the foods available to work, reproduce, and survive. But is this true? While the environment seems to have been the main dictator of their diet, it was still a diet nonetheless. Did they eat better than we did? And did this better eating serve their teeth well? And if they did eat better, why was their life expectancy low (only 18 to 25 years)? Here we’ll unveil the truth about what we used to eat in the caveman days and how it affected our health.

Since the environment dictated cavemen’s diets, cavemen up north ate mainly animals due to the cold, and because of the warmth, those around the equator ate plants and animals. Here we’ll focus on the equatorial cavemen. These are some of the things they ate.

Fruits & Vegetables

Cavemen dieted on a variety of fruits and vegetables. As we mentioned before, which fruits and vegetables these were depended on the area. Those that they came across most frequently were carrots, turnips, parsnips, rutabagas, berries, apples, oranges, and the like. They ate fruits that had skin because skin meant more nutrients and fiber. These fruits had less sugar than today’s fruits.


Cavemen ate fish and lean meats. They ate the eyes, tongue, bone marrow, and organs. These days, people will not eat most of these parts of an animal, although those parts contain enough fat to satisfy a healthy diet. Other fatty foods that were part of the regular diet for these people include eggs nd non-vegetable oils such as macadamia, olive, and coconut oil.

Root Foods

Roots like yams and sweet potatoes are relatively young, so they weren’t as abundant and weren’t a prominent feature of a caveman’s diet.

Diet & Overall Health

Eating a larger variety of healthy foods than we did, cavemen’s teeth would’ve been immaculate and well-structured if they had had a propensity for dental hygiene. Their life expectancy, despite eating healthy foods, was so low because of other factors, including:

  • Diseases for which they had no medicine
  • Births were deadly for mother and child
  • Hunting incidents, such as a bear breaking a hunter’s back
  • Fights, tribal scuffles, and, at times, wars
  • Improper hygiene

Although the caveman diet seems like a boon for you, especially for your teeth, you need other things to be healthy, like proper dental hygiene. If you have questions about your diet and its affect on your dental health, contact us. Don’t forget to schedule your next routine appointment while you’re at it